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Investments are gaining popularity. Everyone wants to generate passive income protected against crises. But sometimes, your fear of loss stands in the way of you making money. And anyway, where do you event start? There are always millions of questions at the beginning.

TeleTrade offers you a simple, quick and
safe start in investing
The Invest Start project was designed specifically for beginners who do not have any experience, but still want to make sure that it is indeed possible to earn money on promos!


If you deposit a total of $500 on your account TeleTrade will open a transaction* for you to purchase shares of a large company!

*The amount of a complimentary transaction cannot exceed $5,000 per Personal Area.

$5 000

Share calculator

Enter a deposit amount in $
$500 minimum
Price per 1 APPL share$
The number of shares for a transaction
Taking into account the maximum size of a complimentary transaction from the company, at the current exchange rate.

Path to success

Within 5 months, the value of assets on the stock market will change, affected by many factors.

If the shares increase in price, TeleTrade will credit the net profit* to the investor's account.

If the shares fall in price during this time, TeleTrade will compensate the investor for the loss at its own expense!

It's a win-win way to start the path to success on the financial markets!

Do you want to become a risk-free investor? Fill in the form below and join us! Try it! What do you have to lose? It's a real chance to open new financial horizons!

During the promo period, you are to meet the trading turnover requirement depending on the deposit amount.
Please see the Promo Rules for more information.

3 steps to investing

Open a Trading Account

Both new and current TeleTrade clients can participate in the promo.

Fund your Account

You can deposit money on your account using one or more payments during the promo period. $500 is the minimum amount required to participate.

Buy Apple shares

TeleTrade offers state-of-the-art and affordable CFD instruments, investing in one click in your Personal Area.

You can fund your trading account in increments. After the investor determines the final amount for investments, click the "Open a Transaction" button in your Personal Area. You can only participate in the Promo once! So only click the button if you're absolutely sure you don't want to get more shares!

Invest in your personal success!

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Reliable investment with TeleTrade

TeleTrade is a global brand uniting 3,000 employees and over 1 million clients.

Today, the company's representative offices are open in 26 countries around the world.

Over 26 years, our clients have made more than $500 million on the international financial markets using a wide range of financial instruments: currencies, metals, raw materials, indices and shares.

clients 1 M
26 years
profit $500 M
3 000 employees

Company's Services

TeleTrade is constantly offering new opportunities for investors and traders, while providing services of the highest quality to its partners.