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Office-Based Education

Forex Training at Our Offices

Understand the principles of financial markets

The basic training course in the office is absolutely for free and includes:

  1. Introduction to Forex and CFD
  2. General trading rules
  3. Fundamental analysis
  4. Technical analysis in financial markets. RSI-13 technical analysis indicator and Fibonacci
  5. MA-8 (18) technical indicator, operation principle, building strategies
  6. MACD indicator, operation principle, building strategies
  7. RSI-13 technical indicator and its joint operations with other indicators; developing strategies
  8. Trading psychology and capital management
  9. Practical trading. Consolidating theoretical knowledge
  10. Final test and certification

What do I get after completing the training?

After having completed the basic training course, you will get the necessary knowledge and trading skills for the Forex and CFD markets, as well as, a certificate of training completion - one of the main documents of a professional trader.

If you decide to improve your knowledge further, then you may proceed with our in-depth training program which has been developed for those who will deal with investments in financial markets professionally (please ask your manager).

Advantages of office-based training

Individual approach

Training with us is not just a set of classes and workshops. It is an individually-tailored schedule, which is formed together with your personal consultant, depending on your daily routine and your learning goals.

Personal consultant

This person will guide you through the markets from the very moment of your sign-up for the training program and continue being your guide during your operations in the Forex market carried out through TeleTrade.

Complete immersion in the atmosphere of trading in the market

In the process of various seminars, together with experienced traders, and based on real-life examples with real-time quotes, you will learn to choose the best trading strategies. In a team with other trainees during workshops, you will be able to build your own strategies and make prompt decisions regarding your trades. This means that you get the necessary practical experience for real trading in Forex.

Opportunity to communicate with the best traders

In the process of training in the office, you will be able to attend master classes led by the most successful traders, i.e. specialists who can share their own experience of lucrative trading.

Start your training right now!

Attend one of our courses and improve your trading skills!


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