Investment Portfolio

Investment portfolios are a source of passive income for investors.

TeleTrade's analysts and portfolio managers create a range of three-, six- and twelve-month investment portfolios that provide a balanced approach for investors based on investment strategies and risk-taking. Each portfolio is balanced in terms of investment term, risk and expected return.

The portfolios are rebalanced on a monthly basis to reflect market conditions and the investment strategy of each portfolio. So at the beginning of each month, managers look for the best investment opportunities, based on their assessment of the overall situation as well as the outlook for the specific instrument featured in the portfolio.

An investor can join any portfolio using Synchronous Trading at any time. Any of the positions opened by the managers can also be closed by the investor at any time.

What you get after connecting
to any of the investment portfolios

  • Manager's instant decisions regarding opening of new and closing of existing positions
  • Full information on open positions in the portfolio
  • Monthly reports on decisions made, market situation, profitability and risk performance
  • Portfolio closing reports
Best-case scenarios 2021г

The investment portfolios are based on the principle of selecting promising instruments that have shown a strong positive trend over the past five years and have the potential for further growth. Furthermore, portfolio performance is monitored regularly to ensure the stated returns and, where possible, to maximise returns taking into account the risk levels of each portfolio.

By joining TeleTrade's portfolio product line, you will gain both portfolio investment experience, followed by an understanding of market trends, and a chance to increase your savings over a long term at rates above inflation and the interest earned on bank deposits.

* Access provided upon the deposit of $1,000 and higher
  • Portfolio

    Conservative (june 2021 - may 2022)

    12 months
    Start date
    8 June 2021
    Profit projection
    Synchronous Trading indicators
  • Portfolio

    Perspective (june-november 2021)

    6 months
    Start date
    8 June 2021
    Profit projection
    Synchronous Trading indicators

«Conservative (June 2021 - May 2022)»

The portfolio is balanced with a high-risk investment made with TeleTrade
Basic principles

Protection of your savings from inflation<br> Passive income from the financial markets without any hassle<br> Rainy day cushion fund<br> More than you can get from your bank deposit<br> Learn to manage your money wisely <br> Create fundamentals of your future welfare and independence

A method for getting prompt trading signals

Copy Trading

Additional services

Full details on open trades Snapshot notifications on opened, modified or closed positions Monthly reports of portfolio performance Overall performance report of the portfolio upon its expiration Track record of previous portfolios

Depending on market conditions, the share of assets in the portfolio may vary.
  • Trading signals
    How to get signals to execute trades

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