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Aditya Ratta, India
16 May 2020
I'll always be grateful TeleTrade for self-confidence that this experience awoke in me. Two years ago I didn’t even dream to work 2-4 hours a day and earn enough to not only make a living but start travelling, afford things that I only dreamt about few years ago. I started trading as a hobby, but now trading is my new and beloved profession. Now I know that the freedom it brings is not just a marketing slogan, but the truth of life. It wasn’t easy. Success didn’t come at once. Now other people a following my strategy and I earn money for myself and for these people too. Thank you so much, guys!
Luther Okumu, South Africa
4 May 2020
I was fortunate enough not to have a desperate need to make money when I got interested in trading. My husband didn’t want me to work but at the same time he did not object me to have a hobby. For about half a year I was taking different courses, both free and paid ones. TeleTrade’s course were not the only ones that really helped, but they were good in fact, I’ve got smth to compare with. As for the brokerage, I can definitely recommend it. They do their job well and most importantly here I don’t have to worry about withdrawing the profits. I’m glad that finally, I have a really interesting hobby that brings money in addition. It’s very important for me to feel independent of my husbands income and I’m glad that I can bring some money in the family, working only a few hours a day.
Kayrat Nadirov, Kazahstan
19 April 2020
With TeleTrade I learnt to never give up. It took a whole year to try different strategies and approaches, so settle all the information from trading courses in my head and bring the most important points and successful solutions to practice. It was difficult but it was worth it. First I learnt to stop losing on the market. I learnt to be consistently profitable as the next step. I’m glad that with Teletrade there is a chance to make yet another step forward - earn more as a funds manager. This is my plan for this year. With broker’s ranking system attracting investors is as easy as it has never been before. This is an excellent opportunity to scale the trading business as much as you wish!
Marina Tereshenko, Ukraine
8 April 2020
I got interested in trading while I was still at the University. We had a special course on Exchange Trading and Entrepreneurship and it seemed to be very exciting. I took my first steps in trading with an unregulated broker and eventually lost all my money (although the money was not big, so the loss was insignificant). Then I lost interest for a year, and then I met my boyfriend. He traded with TeleTrade and was a master trader. Thanks to him, I got into this company, have passed through the training and started trading. So far, I only trade with my money, but I plan to become a master trader as soon as possible. This is the great opportunity that Teletrade gives.
Iago Alcaide, Brazil
1 April 2020
I've been with TeleTrade for only 1 year. Before that I was involved in online marketing, tried some affiliate programs and learned a lot about brokers while doing that. I know how important for a broker to be regulated, I know how difficult that is to have real competitive afdvantages on this market. And TeleTrade has got all those! They are officially licensed and regulated, have unique trading courses and this nice feature of synchronized trading. Glad that my professional opinion helped me choose this broker and my personal trading experience confirms this was the right choice.
Mai, Vietnam
30 March 2020
When I became interested in trading, it was a real challenge. First of all, I didn't have any understanding what to start with. I've heard many stories of successfull people that started trading and earn over 100% yearly. I desperately wanted to be one of them. But I didn't have any knowledge about trading, just a desire to start trading. The second problem was my surrounding. People across me, especially my friends constantly said that trading is not a stable source of income. I agree now, its not stable. You can't win in each trade you make. The averages are what really is important. It took time though to understand it. I've taken personal online distance learning course, where manager (teacher) explained me the common basics of trading and helped me with understanding the market. When it comes to in-depth learning, there were some problems with my understanding, but manager was really nice and kind to deliver me all info in the easy way. Currently, I've invested 2000 and have profitability around 5-20% a month. Good enough in my opinion so I'm grateful to Teletrade for all the learning and trading opportunities they provid
Aurelio Dias, Brazil
20 March 2020
I had some savings that I honestly didn't know where to invest. A good friend of mine advised me to invest in syncing trading with Teletrade. I really liked the attention paid to me by my Manager, everything was explained and shown. The choice of the master (the so-called Manager of your money) is very transparent, you can check everything about the master before investing and trust him with your money. During the year, our master showed a return of 188% (excluding the master's interest). Since I think this is great, then a Bank Deposit will make much less of a difference.
Ramona Gonzalez , Mexico
13 March 2020
My experience starting trading was probably the worst in my life. It was 2015, I was on maternity leave and had to stay home for obvious reasons. I didn't like being totally dependant on husband's income and tried to work as a copywriter, but it took a lot of time and effort and was clearly not what I wanted to do. Eventually, I convinced my husband to invest a small bit of our savings in trading. It was about $1000. I learned trading at TeleTrade and started trading. At first I lost about 30% of our total deposit, due to inexperience, but then success came. I think the most importnat thing here is to exclude impulsive trades. Now I not only trade with my own funds but gain some money by running the master trading account. Even though I could come back to my old job, I've chosen to keep trading and don't regret this decision at all!
Kateryna Tkachenko, Ukraine
5 March 2020
For me Teletrade become the an essential partner. I have been trading with the company since 2015 and I chose it for one simple reason - reliability and simplicity. TeleTrade is registered with CySEC and has a very good reputation. Being a lawer myself, I understand the importance of regulations and appreciate them. The broker has got a wide choice of assets, reasonable spreads, thoughtful system of withdrawal. In general, this is exactly what I need to trade, but the fact that my funds are safely stored on segregated accounts in total accordance with European regulatory requirements - this is what I appreciate the most.
Azat Sadykov, Kazakhstan
27 February 2020
I don't trade myself because I don't have time, I run my own business. However, I wanted to explore some new areas, decided to invest in trading. I could, of course, make a bank deposit or invest in a trust fund, but it isn't so fascinating. Let me explain why. First, if you invest in such programs, then you lose control over your funds. I think a lot of people have heard about possible restrictions on bank deposit withdrawals and so on. Secondly, the profitability of such investments is quite low, so it isn't the most profitable way to invest your savings. Largely because of this, I decided to try TeleTrade Sync Trading Program. It was my first experience, so I had a lot of doubts and worries. The TeleTrade manager helped me, explained all the features. I like that it is possible to see information about each master account before choosing. I'm also very satisfied with the profit split, when I get most of the profits and only a small share goes to the master account owner.
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