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Padmini Walla, India
30 July 2020
After I got divorced, I didn't know what to do. I'll be honest, my husband left me some money. I lived with his money and didn't know how I could make them on my own. After the divorce, my world changed. Yes, my ex-husband kept giving me some money, but I knew it was toxic. That's the reason why I was interested in trading. I'll be honest, I didn't expect it to be easy, even more, I didn't expect success at all. It was more of a way to try something new. I started my education at TeleTrade and it was easier than I could imagine. Moreover, my manager advised me to takea closer look at sync-trading opportunity, so I was able to generate income without trading on my own. Now my life has changed signficantly, also thanks to TeleTrade. I still use sync-trading, it is my main way of earning money, but also I'm still learning how to trade on my own and sometimes trade manually. It isn't so profitable yet, but these are the first steps and hopefully one day I can manage somebody else's funds as well. Thank you, TeleTrade, for these opportunities that I got in my life!
Rijan Limbu, Cambodia
25 July 2020
Well, actually, I decided to write a review now because I'm going through a pretty hard time at work. It's not the first time, of course, because for so many years in trading some stressful situations happen regularly, and sometimes you need to either relax or fundamentally change your approach and do something new, which will help you get back to your usual framework for profit and the format of work. I have been working with this company for quite a while now. And I initially chose it precisely because it has existed in the market for a long time. It seemed to me that this is really some kind of quality indicator. Because companies with low ratings usually exist for a year or two. I will now list what I use here, and you can tell me what I can change so that I can work more dynamically. I work in an ECN account, I use floating spreads from 0.2 pips, sometimes I use pending orders, I don't use bonuses, sometimes I use copying trades (up to 20% of equity).
Hoc Ma Thun, Vietnam
14 July 2020
I started trading with TeleTrade with a small amount ($100), but after 6 months of trading I increased my deposit to almost $5,000 as I was satisfied with the way the broker was working. Of course, this confidence was largely due to the fact that the broker has CySEC regulation, but also to my personal experience, as well as other trader reviews. TeleTrade pays attention to every trader, that's why all the questions that I asked from the support I were answered. I've never been ignored or given a formal answer and I appreciate such approach as I feel that brokerage is interested in every trader. My success in trading is still very small, but I hope that I can achieve success if I try harder. Now I'm thinking about trying TeleTrade copy-trading, but haven't made a decision yet.
Siddharth Bhardwaj, India
10 July 2020
I can say that this company really deserves attention, because the conditions have been created here so that a trader can not only trade, but also learn. This is really a great rarity. Besides, you can work with all actual crypto currencies here, you can choose among various training formats. For example, there are thematic master classes, which allow you to understand a variety of strategies. And there are also passive trading formats, if anyone is interested in it.
Marjani Koumar, Sri Lanka
29 June 2020
I was lucky, I can really call it luck. My wife inherited some money and we were thinking about where to invest. The funds was really substantial, so we spent the part of the money on a new car, part on vacation, and part of it my wife tried to invest in the business. Her business was unsuccessful, and I lost my job. That was the turning point. She offered to try to invest in the financial market. The only thing we understood was that money should bring more money and that the financial market was a good investment. I trained with TeleTrade and now I trade with this broker. 40% of my funds are in my manual management and 60% are used for sync-trading. The profit we get is enough to live and be confident in the future.
Hafeeza Fareez, Malaysia
21 June 2020
I had my business, husband, two children and then my life started falling apart. After divorce I sold my part of the business, moved to another country with my children. Fortunately I could afford taking a break for a year or two. The first two month I was restoring, but afterwards out of boredom and the urge to try something new I funded TeleTrade account. Can’t say that success came at once. I had trading courses that helped me not only understand how markets work, but also create the strict set of rules that I follow in my daily trading. Trading is no longer a hobby for me. I’ve recently got first subscribers to my strategy via TeleTrade synch-trading system. This is my new and beloved work now. New business, new life that I sincerely love!
Dzhalil , Bangladesh
17 June 2020
My trading with TeleTrade didn't start very successfully as I lost my first deposit. Now I understand that it was completely my fault, but I was very upset then. However, I was not ready to give up and so I decided to continue trading, but on my demo account. Trading is quite a complicated business, but it can bring you enough money if you try hard enough. TeleTrade manager offered me to try sync-trading (until I learn how to trade on my own). I initially thought it was some kind of scam, but TeleTrade has a good reputation, so I decided to take the risk. In the end, the risk justified itself (if there was any), because sync-trading made me money. However, it was a funny situation. The first trader that I copied was a very risky one, so first he tripled my deposit and then lost half of the earned money. As I was later explained in TeleTrade support, some sync-traders use very risky strategies, so it's important to choose your master correctly (this is the 'tittle' of the person whose strategy you're copying, although I think this name isn't appropriate). Now I'm still learning how to trade with a demo account and trade sync-trading, but I've changed my master account trader. In general I'm pleased with the broker, but the main thing for success is diligence, not a good luck.
Enday Kurniawan, Indonesia
11 June 2020
The acquaintance with trading was the best thing that could happen in my life. There is a prejudice in society that the world of finance is open for men only. My experience says that women are often much more disciplined. That’s true that we find it difficult to risk a lot when the opportunity is there, yet discipline is more important in trading, trust me. Even the simplest strategies work if you are capable of following them. I’m grateful Teletrade for discovering this talent of mine. I have never dreamt of a better occupation!
Wuaron Pollich, Singapore
31 May 2020
I tried several strategies working here. When I first came here, I though that being a scalper is the best thing that can happen to a trader. The good thing is that Teletrade does not restric scalping strategies. Moreover, there are no slippagges or requotes here that can't be explained with the standard volatility that happens on market openings and at the time of the economic news releases. Yet, the spreads they have here are not minimal for the industry. I know that most likely these spreads are compensated with fair executions, but nevertheless, I don't feel OK sharing that much of my profits with the broker in a form of spreads. I've turned to other trading strategies. I started trading mideterm here. That's better! For swing trades the spread doesn't matter tht much. Moreover, swingtrading does not take that much time which is also an advantage. It takes me about 30 minutes during European trading session start to manage my orders. Then I can rest till the next day. Sounds good enough by itself, yet I wanted to get some diversification of my trading risks. I doubted about long-term investments because of all this stuff with negative oil prices and the danger of recession. So finally I came to a conclusion that I can diversifyh by the means of the copy-trading platform. That's a nice feature of Teletrade. Not that you can trust your funds to any stranger. Please be thoughtful about the trading strategy that you pick to follow! Yet, the oppotunity is beneficial and so far I'm rather pleased with the combined results of the three strategies that I picked to follow with the live money.
Aditya Ratta, India
16 May 2020
I'll always be grateful TeleTrade for self-confidence that this experience awoke in me. Two years ago I didn’t even dream to work 2-4 hours a day and earn enough to not only make a living but start travelling, afford things that I only dreamt about few years ago. I started trading as a hobby, but now trading is my new and beloved profession. Now I know that the freedom it brings is not just a marketing slogan, but the truth of life. It wasn’t easy. Success didn’t come at once. Now other people a following my strategy and I earn money for myself and for these people too. Thank you so much, guys!
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