Parveen Mehta, India
15 April 2021
Speaking of TeleTrade I immediately want to tell you about synchronous trading. This is a great advantage over other brokers. How does this happen: - You see the rating of successful brokers and repeat their trades. - Of course you give% for it, but you make money. - Everything happens automatically. You don't need to understand everything yourself. But it's better to learn how to trade on your own too. You will receive double profits. TeleTrade provides an opportunity to learn how to trade. They have a lot of educational material on their website. There is also a demo account where you can improve your skills. A large number of trading instruments and a 1: 200 leverage will make your profit high.
Mitchel Cormier, Singapore
7 April 2021
I am happy with trading with TeleTrade. A good and honest broker! Thank you very much for not letting you down. I've been trading MT4 for over two years now and I'm glad to have met you. By the way, TeleTrade has very good trading conditions and quick withdrawals. Try their demo account and see for yourself how comfortable trading is :)
Kailee Buckridge, Egypt
30 March 2021
I don’t regret joining this brokerage service. It offers good trading conditions and attractive services such as sync-trading. As for the latter, their customer support representative was so kind to help me manage the setting for copy-traing. as a working mom I don't have much time to dig into details and do all by myslef. Now I get some passive income in the form of sync-trading. It brings me about 5%-7% a month and that’s a pleasant bonus for me.
Satishwar Prabhakar, India
25 March 2021
TeleTrade has been on the market for a long time and obviously knows the needs of its customers. The company's website has everything to facilitate the trading process or make it more efficient. For example, it is a service of copy trading and trading signals here. These features meet the needs of clients to earn more with less effort.
Olumide Okunola, Nigeria
21 March 2021
Having traded with this brokerage service for two years, I decided to try their sync-trading. Previously, I practiced on manual trading because I thought that it was the only thing I could do with the broker. But it turned out that I had been overlooking a very lucrative thing. Sync-trading with Teletrade is the first passive income in my life. It brings me 10%-15% a month. Of course, it’s not so much compared to what I gain from manual trading but it allows me to have a rest from manual trading when I need this.
Ramzer Akhan, Sri Lanka
11 March 2021
I like the broker for its transparent trading conditions. I also like the different ways you can earn money with TeleTrade. For example, those who want to improve their professional trading level can use education materials, in-depth technical analysis, and trading signals. Those who want to make a profit right away, even without much knowledge, can use Synchronous Trading service. And those who want to earn big money on their own can install any programs in their MT4 or MT5 terminal. It can be Expert Advisors, scripts, indicators, etc. So TeleTrade gives you full freedom to increase your profits. And it even doesn't limit its clients in the size of the minimum deposit. I like this approach. And I think it's what attracts other traders to this company.
Farid Lubbe, South Africa
2 March 2021
The given brokerage service turned out to be a pleasant discovery for me. Of course, I heard about it but I never bothered to check it out. I don’t know why. But someday I came across my friend and he shared his experience of trading with this broker. It interested me and I decided to open an account with it. I should say that by that time I already had a four-year trading experience, so I knew how to assess brokers. I opened an ECN account with the broker because I know that exactly this type of trading account gives the best trading conditions except for VIPs, of course. So, I can say that after a month of trading with this broker, my impression of its execution is very good. Requotes are what I haven’t seen here yet. Of course, I also tested withdrawals - I made several ones and it all ended up successfully. Furthermore, I also learned that the broker encourages its clients with points. I didn’t notice them in my personal account - the broker gave it to me for registration, opening an account and depositing it. I learned that points can be exchanged for real money. I have never seen such an extraordinary passive income with other brokers.
Abdul Faiad , Morocco
18 February 2021
This is the first broker that does not impose restrictions on the minimum deposit size in my memory. And it is a bit strange. After all, as I see it, the brokerage business should be profitable. As for me, every company earns when its clients trade a lot and do it with large volumes. For example, if a TeleTrade client trades 100 lots per month, the company will receive a generous commission in the spread. If he trades 1 or 0.5 lots per month, the broker does not benefit at all. IMHO. I could be wrong, of course. But while I don't understand why the company has no restrictions on the minimum possible deposit. Perfectly, TeleTrade has both demo and Cent accounts to start working in the financial markets. It makes it much easier for a trader who is just beginning to trade. A large amount of technical analysis, education materials, and trading signals also positively affect the trading results. But I don't understand the point about the deposit. Maybe it's just a marketing ploy? Perhaps, the client can deposit any amount but really start trading with a certain amount? I don't know. And I'm interested in it. I have been trading on a demo account in TeleTrade for now. And I'm looking to answer my question.
Dzahan Kurniawan, Indonesia
12 February 2021
Despite the fact that this company has some traditional features, there are still some details that are attractive at once. And I will start with the fact that here you can tade cryptocurrencies. This is actually an amazing opportunity today, and it's good value for money if you use a bitcoin wallet, for example. And I'm also glad that there's training here. Because all traders want to start, but they always understand where and how. And here you can get the knowledge and advice from the current market participants and from day one you can set up your work in such a way that you feel stable and can receive information, process it and earn from this data.
Kirk Anggriawan, Malaysia
3 February 2021
This broker intrigued me once I learned that it rewards its clients with money. Well, it doesn’t do it directly. It simply gives special points. In turn, clients can exchange this stuff for real money. Of course, to earn enough this way, one needs to be very loyal to the broker or another way to stay with the company for a long time and be very active as a trader. So, I signed up with the company and immediately obtained points. I got the same reward for depositing my account. By the way, I have heard that the maximum amount a trader can earn by exchanging points is $10,000.
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