Le Tran Nhag, Vietnam
14 January 2021
My friend recommended me to join this broker because it’s special. He told me that apart from a smooth trading process, this company rewards its clients with points no matter what they do on the platform. You can exchange this virtual currency for real money. Intrigued by this, I joined Teletrade and started trading. The broker really gives points even for such simple things as registration and depositing. I heard it’s possible to exchange points for up to $10,000. It motivates me to stay with the broker.
Karen Farida , Indonesia
10 January 2021
I've long watched my friends become leaders in business, running their own ones. And I believe that a woman should fulfill herself the way she likes. That's why I chose not exactly a woman's occupation. It's trading. I'm mastering trading at TeleTrade. There are a lot of educational materials and trading signals. They are simple and understandable enough. It's essential if you are a novice. I've not yet fully understood the quality of the company's services. But the main thing is that I don't have any complaints about the broker's work.
Emile Legros, Egypt
29 December 2020
I appreciate comfort in trading. I believe that nothing should distract a trader from making a profit. There are neither slow terminal, slippage, nor other things. That's why I stay with TeleTrade for more than a year now. There are no events like I described above. The speed of executing trades is high and stable. The trades are executed at the price that has been quoted. Yes, there are exceptions, but in my memory, that was only a couple of times.
Himanshu Rai, India
23 December 2020
I started my trading with TeleTrade with $100 deposit, just to test how the brokerage and market works. Frankly speaking, I have no ideas about how to trade and no plans for the future. Just hobby, nothing more. But I got my first profit with TeleTrade, so decided to invest more money and now my deposit is almost 20 times higher. Of course, with such ammount of money you won't make a huge profits, but $150-200 each month is a fair reward for my efforts. I'm not withdrawing my money now, just keep my deposit growing. That's how my hobby turned to additional income source. And, based on my personal experince, the hardest thing is to cope with your tremor when you understand that you're trading a real money. My advice is simple - practice demo first and don't care about your trading balance.
Ayush Pangeni , Singapore
11 December 2020
I joined TeleTrade in the late 2013, I'm living in Ukraine and I was looking for additional income source. After I learned with TeleTrade I started trading, but my first experience was unsuccessful, because I overestimated my expertise. I thought about trading on the news, but in fact I had no idea what it really meant. So at the beginning of my real trading I was losing money. But then I practiced with a demo account and became more confident in my strength. The main problem with TeleTrade is that you get a lot of information that is useful to trade, but you will feel insecure in trading, so you need more practice to succeed. A demo account is an ideal way to gain confidence, so don't start trading in a real account right away, better start with a demo. However, after I practiced on real account, I start making money and that turned to be easier than I expected, all you need is to understand the logic of the market. But also don't forget about technical analysis, that's powerfull tool that can boost your trading results. But don't spread yourself too thin, pick a few assets and trade them to start with.
Damu Hasanah, Indonesia
7 December 2020
I like the services for traders on TeleTrade. The company has thought of everything for the convenience of clients. There is a handy list of Traders whose trades can be copied. This is ideal for those who don't have time to trade independently. You can filter out the Traders by profitability, risk level, daily income, and drawdown. In this case, there is a selection by month, half a year, all the time, etc. Thus, it's possible to filter out those who received a drawdown last month. Conversely, choose them because the trader's chart should be analyzed in the same way as the currency chart. And making the investment when it's High on the chart is definitely not a good idea. It's better to invest after a small reversal in profitability.
Lisette Cartwright, Phillippines
30 November 2020
I like to combine manual trading with sync trading. The latter one acts as a passive income and greatly backs me. As a rule, people skeptical treat sync trading. On some hand, I agree that entrusting your capital to anybody is a risky thing. However, what will change if you trade on your own? You will put your depo to risk once again but this time with your own hands. Teletrade has achieved great success in sync trading. Before registration with the broker, I was sceptical about that service, but now Teletrade sync trading allows to have a rest from manual trading from time to time.
Kuhic , Egypt
20 November 2020
I want to write my TeleTrade review. I've been trading with the company for 3 months and want to share my impressions. I think it'll be useful for other traders. So, I'll start my review by telling you about the opportunities offered by the broker. 1. Trading. For trading, you can choose one of two platforms - MT4 or MT5. The differences in their functional, I think everyone knows. If not, there's a Knowledge Base in TeleTrade, where you can see the difference. Based on MT4, you can open a Cent or NDD account in the company. Based on MT5, you can open an ECN account with reduced spreads. 2. Investment. A Synchronous Trading service has been invented for investors in TeleTrade. This's the analog of trust management, where manager's transactions are copied to investors' accounts automatically. The investor only sets the ratio and selects a Trader. Among the additional features, I can name Analytics and Trading Signals. They're of quite good quality. I personally prefer to watch the Trading Signals on the Telegram channel. There can be up to 10 signals per day. Finally, I think that TeleTrade has quite a wide range of services. It's suitable for realizing my financial goals.
Buchi Adewura , Madagaskar
12 November 2020
Today, there is a huge number of brokerage companies. But not all of them correspond to this status and provide services that meet the modern wishes of clients and are really able to help people adapt to the market and implement interesting ideas. I like that there are no limits on the amount of capital - you can try what you like. Besides, the company supports people who work actively and provide additional funds for trade turnover - it's an interesting thing, I've never seen anything like it anywhere else.
Shalewa Maryam, Nigeria
7 November 2020
This brokerage was my third one but the first one that I really enjoy. My two previous brokers were like supermarket - just take-and-trade. That's good if you're experienced trader, but extremely bad if you're beginner. Frankly speaking, I didn't know what to start with. Of course, I understood that trading is 'buy lower - sell higher' but that was all. I didn't know nothing about stop loss and take profit. As well I have zero understanding of risk management. And then I swtiched to TeleTrade and started learning with its educational programm. I can't say it was 10/10, but it gives me understanding of how to trade CORRECTLY. That was completely different approach to trading. Now I'm trading stocks only, 40% of my funds are invested in sync-trading and I'm making more money than on my full-time job, so I have plans to leave it. I can't say that my success is because of TeleTrade only, but I'm sure that great educational program played significant role in my trading career.
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