Prince DuBuque, Singapore
9 July 2021
People write about different things, some are not satisfied with this, others - that. But in fact, there are two main things, without which all other benefits are nullified. The first is order execution. They should be executed, not rejected (requotes), and executed exactly (no or a small number of slippages), the second is the actual withdrawal of money. The first is the main condition of work, the second is the receipt of its result. Without the first, there will simply be nothing to output. On the other hand, a broker can withdraw without problems, but it is simply impossible to make money from him because of problems with the terminal. So, in fact, having tried many companies, it turned out that there are only a few brokers that would satisfy these two requirements. One of them is Teletrade, which I chose. Because there is also free training and there are still many pleasant bonuses in the form of free training courses, analytics, technical and economic analysis.
Sombun , Thailand
26 June 2021
The training here takes place at the highest level. It was interesting to know what Forex is, how you can make money. Not only find out how to do that, but also practice. After all, we spent almost all the time that the courses lasted for practice on a demo account. At the same time, we managed to consider all the most important points, technical and fundamental analysis. After training, I opened a real account and started trading. At the same time, both the manager and the teacher helped me with my first deals. So the beginning of trading was pleasant, I immediately earned money. And in general, I would be more worried if I started without support. In this regard, Teletrade is best suited for beginners.
Mehul Sem, Malaysia
21 June 2021
An ordinary company .. To be honest, TeleTrade is my third broker and nothing special. But here is the main thing. Trade orders are executed without large slippage .. But they are still there. They will not disappear anywhere! There are enough assets to make money and money is easily withdrawn to the card. There is one caveat. I do not advise leaving a warrant overnight .. from Wednesday to Thursday. I call it Devil's Night! Here is a triple !! swap. Better trade intraday. Everything else is good. The broker is regulated and trusted by many traders!
Iusuph al-Abdullah, Saudi Arabia
12 June 2021
Reliable and liquid broker. Many factors distinguish it from other companies. The company did not offer unrealistic promises and hopes, but at the level of its development and capabilities offered a good package of services. Deserve to be part of the financial market at a high level. I met them a long time ago, about 12 years ago, then I lived in Ukraine. I was just starting to trade and just went to study with them. The guys knew the deal, everything went right on the demo account, but then I opened an account with another company, since they had a minimum deposit of two thousand, and I didn't have that much money then. But I managed to make money and I switched to Teletrade. Here the terminal will be more reliable and there are many tools, there is plenty to choose from.
Gasan al-Jaziem, Algeria
7 June 2021
I don’t regret joining this brokerage service. In my eyes, it’s much better than many younger brokerage services due to the availability of a rich experience in the industry and regulation that results in access to top-tier liquidity providers. I opened two trading accounts here and trade on respectively Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5. The quality of execution corresponds to the veteran status of the broker and it’s hard to expect the opposite from the company with a more than 20 years of working in the industry.
Prabhat Sane, India
31 May 2021
I registered with the company a couple of years ago. During that time, I paused in my trading because I was just fed up with it. Or I didn't have time to do it thoroughly. But I kept coming back to the company every time. That's because there are perfect conditions for clients. At TeleTrade, there are many opportunities to make money. For example, you can open a Cent account, open an ECN account and even open an Investor account and automatically copy trades. It really expands the possibilities of making money in the financial markets. And I'm pleased about it.
Kuet Ton Ziep, Vietnam
26 May 2021
At TeleTrade, I use several opportunities at once. I trade on a Cent account as well. Because I think all new strategies should be tested there. And I also connected my account to the Synchronous Trading service. Of course, I think that the service is my responsibility, unlike the asset management service. I don't entrust money to the account manager here, but I choose who I will follow and what I will copy. Freedom of action and choice is good. But, of course, they do not relieve me of responsibility.
Jamiel al-Abdurahhadin, Morocco
22 May 2021
When more than 10 years ago I was in search of additional income. Once I saw an ad on a billboard from Teletrade, offering to take a 10-day training course in foreign exchange trading. I decided to take a risk. I took this course, opened my first demo account, after which I opened a cent account, and when I achieved good results, I switched to a dollar account. Now, after 10 years, I, as an experienced trader, conduct training courses for trading in the foreign exchange market. And the first thing I tell students is that you need to treat trading not as a game, but as a science, study each tool step by step and work out each situation. For example, you decide to study news trading this month. Put on your headphones and watch how the market reacts to each news item. And what is very important for a beginner, this is the broker that does not impose restrictions on the minimum deposit size. Thanks to broker Teletrade for changing my life.
Keyon Davis, Singapore
12 May 2021
TeleTrade became for me the place where I could make money. I used to have an ordinary job, but I got tired of it .. Now I am a trader .. I went through the training and I was able to quickly understand everything that happens in the Forex market. TeleTrade makes it possible to copy the deals of successful traders and this was a great start for me))
Jaine Panchanathan, Malaysia
9 May 2021
I have been trading for more than three years and I have changed many brokers and tried different approaches to trading. But I often lost money. It was difficult for me to understand what’s better: scalping or long-term trading. I was eager to find the most effective technical indicator that could guarantee me no less than 70% of profitable trades. Once I started to trade with this broker I became mature as a trader. I guess that it’s not the merit of this broker. That’s just a trustworthy regulated broker with a rich experience in the industry. I focused on trading. It became clear to me that indicators don’t work, while levels and breakouts should be considered. I just sell or buy once the asset manages to settle on a newly-broken level. Constant monitoring is the only way I can do it. Yeah, I have to do this manually, keeping an eye open on my charts, but none of currently existing indicators can timely warn of upcoming breakouts.
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