Jamir Dickinson, Algeria
18 October 2020
I came to TeleTrade with educational purpose only, but after I took courses, I decided that I don't need any other brokerage, so I just started my trading with TeleTrade You know, real trading turned to be much more complicated than I expected, so I blown down almost all my deposit. However, I decided not to give up, but to take some additional courses. And I've payed special attention to risk management practices. I can say it was extemely usefull and I kept my ROI around 0 for 2 months. For those who think that just saving your deposit isn't good result, I can say that it's No. 1 thing you should learn before dreaming about making money. And on my third month I got my first significant income. Now, I'm trading 2 years already and my average profitability is 5-6% a month. I have very large depo now, so I earn enough money to left trading as my only one business.
Mayabati Gyawali, Sri Lanka
9 October 2020
I started trading a few years ago, and I can say that with time I have come to a certain stability here, although I have spent quite a lot of time learning how to analyze and link events in the market. But it is known that if a person has a desire, he can always achieve the desired one. This company is already the second in my history. The first one closed a couple of years ago. Probably, it could not withstand the competition. And after that I found myself here and started to work for MT4. I was already familiar with this terminal, so on the whole I did not face any surprises. Here I began to study reviews on fundamental analysis. And it had a rather positive effect on my work, I am always "for" new knowledge.
Nutan , India
29 September 2020
I would like to mention synchronous trading as one of the most modern and quality passive formats I have seen in the market. And that's while it's possible to control order size and stop loss level, so if you haven't tried it yet and want to, you'll definitely be happy.
Nadge Abu-l Hair , Algeria
26 September 2020
I paid attention to TeleTrade about a year ago. I was a student at the time, and I really wanted to make some money. Since I didn't have much free time, I decided to try trading. And I chose TeleTrade because it has a good reputation in the market and a lot of training, among which: -Free basic courses; -Advanced courses for experienced traders in TeleTrade offices - online, group and individual. -Video lessons, master classes, books and tutorials. So I opened a Standard account and started learning trading. At first I couldn't do it, of course, I lost a lot a lot of money. But I knew that I could do it, I practiced a lot on demo, I took courses from a broker. And in about 4-5 months I noticed progress. I stopped losing so much money and even made my first withdrawal. A year has passed and I'm very glad that I started trading. Because this way I started not only to earn on it, but also learned a lot.
Sabrin Tasneem, Brunei
19 September 2020
It was a time when I quit my job and felt very uncertain about my future. I saw that it was more difficult for me, as a woman, to find a job with career opportunities than for my male friends. I can't say that I'm some kind of a feminist activist, but sometimes you really come across a glass ceiling and it's much harder for you to find a way out of that cage. One of my friends advised me to try trading. At that time we talked about it as entertainment (for him it was just a way to spend time), but very quickly I realized that I could be much more successful in trading than in any other business. I am really making progress. Last year my profitability was 62.2% on my deposit, and this year I think it will be more than 80%. And of course I couldn't have achieved such success without TeleTrade education, it was the basis that helped me to quickly understand trading and start trading without fear.
Toke Busari , Nigeria
10 September 2020
I have no bias towards a brokerage company, because I believe that it should provide access to the trading terminal and not delay the withdrawal of funds. All other functions and services are just additional help, so there is no need to assess it. You may not use it at all. And you will be able to do a great job of trading. Anyway, if you decide to experiment somehow, there is a demo here, it is not limited, so you can experiment anytime.
Gbeminiyi Ngozi, Kenya
30 August 2020
Is it possible to become a trader, if you have never been in business before? I think so. Especially if you have a desire and motivation. And I think that another key point is the foundation, that is a brokerage company, which will be your guide to the market. I think or can say, I am sure that this company has become a real help for many traders, because there are many services that can be used in practice to start trading more professionally already today. 1. A lot of assets, including crypto currencies, indices and stocks. 2. Two trading terminals (MT4, MT5), which help to work in active and passive format, keeping your capital under complete control. 3. Synctrading, which is a copy of transactions of other traders with a fixed stop-loss and a fixed order size, which helps to reduce risks and control what is happening in the market.
Makhfuza Khor, Malaysia
19 August 2020
I'm 45 years old and all my friends said I couldn't become a trader. It was indeed challenging, but I saw it from this perspective. It was interesting for me and I wanted to try something new. Yes, initially it seemed almost impossible, but TeleTrade education gave me the opportunity to learn how to trade quite quickly. I've tried trading myself but it's still hard, as I haven't had enough experience, so I decided to keep on learning and practicing trading with demo accounts and trading with sync-trading feature. I didn't trust it at first, but the TeleTrade manager explained that it was beneficial for me, the broker and the master-trader. So I decided to try it and it turned out to be a really good way to invest money.
Fanumas Ricy Ricy, Thailand
10 August 2020
We can say that nowadays modern brokerage companies offer much more services and tools that allow implementing different ideas and wishes. And if you are really interested in trading, then you will want to try all this and understand everything from and before. This company has certain chips - synchronized trading, pending orders, more than 20 timeframes for analysis, a lot of tools for fundamental analysis - someone will find it useful, but for someone it is not necessary at all. And here it is important to understand what you need!
Kemal , Morocco
7 August 2020
I tried to start an online bussiness, but my mindset isn't about that. I prefer to sit in front of my PC and carry my bussiness. That was my reason why I decided to start trading. To be honest, I thought it would be easier than it turned to be, so my first experience in trading was negative - I simply blown down my deposit. The next attempt was more reasoned. I started with TeleTrade education and that was the best way to learn trading from scratch. TeleTrade education isn't about theory, it's more concentrated on practical things. Of course, with TeleTrade you learn theory as well, but theoretical info doesn't squeezes out hands-on skills. Now, I'm almost 1.5 years trading with this brokerage and I like how everything is going. I make around 5-10% profit to my deposit and that's enough to make living trading only
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