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Last Friday was marked by a great sense of risk aversion. Its origin was essentially the spread of the coronavirus outside Chinese territory. Not only China, but also South Korea and Japan reported an increase in people infected with the virus. This ended up causing a decrease in the main world indices which eventually led to them closing at a lower position from the previous day. The Stoxx 600 ended the session by depreciating by 0.49%, while the S&P 500 fell by 1.05% and the technological Nasdaq dropped by 1.79%.
Yesterday was a day marked by the growing doubts that arose regarding the exact number of cases affected by the coronavirus. The day started confidently, with the notion that the number had fallen, however the day ended with doubt about those same numbers. Consequently, after this news, the main world stock exchanges started to fall and the day closed on negative ground. In particular, the European benchmark index, Stoxx 600, fell from a historical high to a reduction of 0.86%. Then in the United States, the S&P 500 fell by 0.27%, while the Nasdaq dropped by 0.67%.
Yesterday was marked by a reduction in the number of coronavirus infections as well as the news that Chinese authorities may intervene in the aviation sector in order to mitigate the negative impacts of the virus. The main interest rate of the Chinese central bank was also reduced. On a day marked by a greater appetite for risk, we can see an appreciation of the main world exchanges. The main European index, Stoxx 600, increased by 0.83%, while the S&P 500 rose by 0.27% and the technological Nasdaq by 0.87%.
Yesterday was marked by Apple's announcement which revealed that it will not be able to reach its revenue target for this first quarter due to the negative effects of the coronavirus. In addition, the British bank HSBC also announced that it will reduce its workforce by 15%, also pushing the entire financial sector into negative ground. With this less positive sentiment, the main European exchanges closed the day on a lower position. In particular, the Stoxx 600 depreciated by 0.38%, while the S&P 500 ended up depreciating by 0.
The main European stock exchanges were up and reached historical highs yesterday. New economic stimulus from China, as well as many other Asian countries, could thus explain the positive feeling yesterday - in particular, a decrease in the main interest rates of various central banks are expected and, as a consequence of this, reductions in taxes may also be expected. The Stoxx 600 ended the day on a high, having risen by 0.43%. In the debt market, the interest rates on the bonds of main European countries had a mixed behaviour throughout the day.
Last Friday, it was possible to observe a downward trend in the main European stock exchanges. The day turned out to be characterised by a mixture of tendencies once there was a rising trend which eventually achieved a historical peak - then, however the trend reversed and the Stoxx 600 eventually closed the day by falling 0.1% when compared to the previous day. In the debt market, the appetite was higher and most of the European debt interest rates ended up falling. The Euro had a mixed variation throughout the day. Eurozone GDP was expected to grow by just 0.
Yesterday, European markets ended up falling. Its main index - Stoxx 600 - depreciated by 0.02%. The main reason for these events was probably the unpleasant news regarding the coronavirus. In particular, Chinese authorities reported that the number of infected people had increased dramatically due to a flaw in the method used to diagnose patients. Considering this news, it maybe thought that the impact of the virus on the real economy may be greater than initially thought and predicted.
Yesterday, once again, it was possible to observe the main world indices reaching historic highs. The basis of this event was the decrease in fears of the coronavirus spread. After the news of two days ago, in which the Chinese medical authorities reported that in April the virus spread would be controlled, brought confidence to investors. More specifically in Europe, the main European index - Stoxx 600 - ended up valuing 0.63%. European debt interest rates have had a mixed behavior.
Yesterday the financial markets were marked by a rise in the value of the main world stock indexes. The serene speech of the president of the Federal Reserve (Fed), Jerome Powell, as well as the general confidence felt that economic impacts caused by the coronavirus will not be so great, were the two main factors that explained this increase. Concerning the latter, the Chinese medical authorities have announced that they expect the spread of the virus to be controlled in April - and this could be seen as a source of confidence for investors.
Yesterday, February 10th, was once again marked by fears related to the coronavirus. On a day when the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the number of cases is expected to increase in the near future, the main European stock exchanges had a mixed performance throughout yesterday. In particular, the main European index - Stoxx 600 - ended the day with a slight increase of 0.07%. In the debt market, most yields in European countries fell, reflecting the increased demand for these more secured assets.

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